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Question about Same Sex Marriage

This question is from Email Questions, where the client has chosen to make their information available for others to learn from. We all can learn from the experiences of another and I hope the answer below assists you in some way. While you are here, why not look through the entire Ask Aurora section to find more wonderful questions and their responses. If you would like to receive an email notification whenever a new Ask Aurora Q & A is posted, please fill out the form to the left. Thank you!

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Dear Aurora, Lately Same Sex Marriage has been a hot button issue in politics. I know that most of the Christian church is against this, but that stance doesn't seem quite right to me. I want to know what Spirit thinks on the issue? Thank you.

In the world of Spirit, two souls in love, whether Same sex or Opposite sex, share the same type of energy. It is simply the energy of Love, no matter how you look at it. There is never anything wrong with sharing your love with another person, and we in the Spirit world would not direct others on how they should live their lives. Earth is a free will planet and all souls have the right to make their own choices. As long as both souls make the choice to participate in this love, Love is Love, no matter what gender one's partner is.

Love, Aurora

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