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Do You Feel Stuck on Repeat?

Welcome to Aurora's Message, a place for you to rediscover your true self. That journey begins by gaining an understanding of why you are experiencing repeating patterns in your life again and again, so that you can break those patterns for good.

Do you find yourself with the same type of relationship partner over and over again? Or, no matter where you work, there is a certain type of co-worker who drives you crazy! Maybe you feel stuck gaining and losing the same 15 pounds again and again, or you are experiencing the frustration of a financial loop, where it feels like no matter what you do, you still end up with the same $5 in your bank account at the end of the month. Whatever repeating song your life is stuck listening to, it is now time to stop playing it.

Through the classes, tools, messages and content on Aurora's Message, I will provide your with the tools to stop repeating your unhealthy patterns again & again.

My name is Karen Downing and I work with an energy named Aurora from the world beyond ours. It is with her guidance that I was given these tools to create positive change for you. Just as these tools have transformed my life and the lives of my clients, so too can they create true and lasting transformation for you.

Start your journey today by picking up 77 Affirmations for Love, Life and Prosperity, by using the form to the left. With these affirmations, you will begin to identify the areas of your life where you are stuck on repeat. Below, there are even more resources to inform, educate and inspire you on your journey.

I recommend exploring the section on Past Life Patterns, so that you can review common past life experiences and determine the ones that have an impact on YOUR life today. The first step in breaking our patterns is to identify the source of them.

Wishing you the best on your journey; I am here to assist you in any way I can. Thank you and Blessings,


Karen Downing

Aurora's Message Resources

Aurora's Messages

Aurora's Messages

Messages of Love and Compassion to help you during this time of change on Earth. Read messages from the Ascended Master Aurora to assist you throughout the Ascension process. Selected Email Questions are also available in the Ask Aurora section for you to learn from.

Spiritual Classes

Spiritual Classes

Classes for you to learn more about yourself, and discover all that you came to accomplish in this lifetime. Karen Downing teaches classes on a variety of topics, including Discovering Past Life Patterns, Channeling, and Metaphysics. Find out more about all of the spiritual classes here.

Again and Again Show

Again & Again Show

Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday. Again & Again is broadcast live on KKNW in Seattle and online. Again & Again is a show designed to help you stop repeating your past life patterns again and again. We discuss affirmations, crystals for healing, past life patterns, astrology and other topics on spirituality. Listen to the latest show here.

Empowerment Tools

Empowerment Tools

There are a wide variety of free resources on Learn about crystals for healing, read affirmations, discover the 12 past life patterns, enjoy free meditations, and of course Aurora's uplifting and powerful channeled messages. Discover all of these fantastic tools for personal empowerment and spiritual knowledge here.

Intuitive Services

Intuitive Services

Karen Downing offers many different intuitive services to help you on your life path. Topics include past lives, astrology, crystals, chakras and intuitive guidance. Learn more about Karen's Intuitive Services here.

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